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Welcome to B&B Τα Χελιδονακια
(The little Swallows)

Belgian hospitality in a Greek setting.
B&B Τα Χελιδονακια (pronounced as Ta Chelidonakia) is now complete. After 4 years of restoration the B&B is open and we welcomed our first guests on the 1st. of July 2007. Browse at your leisure through the pages of this website to have a more in depth look at the restoration of the B&B and what it entailed. Our ultimate aim is to share and to let our guests discover one of the most beautiful regions of Greece.

Wies and Ward Renders.


Pinakates is considered to be one of the most original of the 24 villages in Pilion and therefore became a category one protected landmark. The village was so well preserved because until recently it was only accessible via one road which ended in the center of the village. All the other roads were only passable on foot or by mule. Electricity came finally to the village in 1973 and a few years later a connection by bus with Volos was established.

B&B Τα Χελιδονακια
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Pinakates - Greece