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The house was built in 1847 with money from a Greek merchant, Philipidis, who, like many Greeks in those days, made his fortune in Egypt. He never lived in the mansion and after his death his brother inherited the house. The daughter of his brother married a Vergos and until the 1980s the house was occupied by the family Vergos. Anastasia Vergos was the last occupant of the house. After her death the house stayed empty.

In 2002 we bought it in order to return it to its former glory and to transform it in a B&B. The exterior was brought back to its original state, while the interior combines the typical characteristics of the Pilion architecture with the requirements of modern comfort. All changes however had to be integrated in the atmosphere of the old mansion. E.g. the balcony that was added in 1902 as a result of the fashion at that time to include neo-classic elements in those mansions, was used in the new annex. Without the balcony the front of the mansion returned to its former appearance.

The existing annex, or paraspito, was transformed into the breakfast room. Furthermore a new paraspito containing two suites has been added. The main building consists of seven rooms, a lobby and a spacious drawing-room on the top floor where traditionally the nicest room was to be found.

If you want to enjoy a stay in an authentic Greek mansion, located in one of the most beautiful villages of Pilion, then you have reached the right place.

The studio is housed in a small building from 1881 that served as an annex to a bigger house. Over the years it was used as a stable and a pub.
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